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Make it Fun. Your Shoot. Your Way.

Authentic Senior High School Portraits with Personality. Your Personality.

You like books. You like poetry. You like spending time in nature. You’re a little edgy, but not over the edge.

We love that about you.

So, let’s put pen to paper, or more precisely, let’s create a photo session where you shine through. Portrait consultation sounds a bit intimidating, so let’s just call it a conversation, which is what we’ll have. During our chat, I’ll ask a few questions that will give me insight into your personality and how we can create a portrait session that conveys; this is who I am at this moment in time. Your senior portrait, a milestone moment.

By the way, Congratulations for your upcoming graduation from Haddonfield High School.

Let’s have that conversation! Call or email today at... 856-428-1911,


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