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Capturing a special moment for a young girl using natural light

I had the pleasure of working with a vibrant young lady last week here in my Haddonfield studio, for a very special occasion: First Holy Communion. She entered my studio a bit quiet and shy and looking like a beautiful bride.

We broke the ice with a few jokes and stories and then she began to relax. Her mother reminded her of a few occasions when her younger brother behaved in a silly manor, making us all laugh so hard, almost to the point of tears!

I find it helpful, and pretty, to give my young girls a bouquet of flowers to hold during the photo session. I prefer natural light whenever possible. Why? It adds a softness to the portrait that no other light source can bring. The smoothness of her skin, the highlights in her hair, the color of her eyes, and her ethereal beauty are all accentuated by the introduction of natural light.

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