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Country Girl: a day in the life of a Haddonfield high school senior

I love photographing high school seniors! The young women I photograph are so excited for their sessions and so am I.Katie in particular, reminds me of my young self... nature girl, loving flowers and all things natural and wild! We had a blast shooting her senior portraits. We started in the studio, with dark clothing complimenting her porcelain skin, classic pearls and elegant roses.These elements combined for a timeless portrait that Katie and her family will treasure for a lifetime!

On a clear fall afternoon, we wandered out to a magnificent field of flowers and Katie had the perfect outfits, baskets of flowers and her confident smile!

Katie's creativity and sense of style {not to mention her sense of humor}, made our collaboration a tremendous success! I love creating an experience that you will enjoy and remember forever!

Colette Oswald Photography

57-53 East Kings Highway, Audubon, NJ 08106



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